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Boost aesthetics and curb appeal with professional flower, perennial, shrub and tree planting in Fayetteville, AR by Gachuzo Dirt Works, serving residential and commercial clients throughout the surrounding area.

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Owning a home or managing a business property in Arkansas provides ample opportunity to enjoy the colors throughout all seasons. Despite the chilly winters followed by very hot and humid summers, the choices of plant varieties to select for your landscape are limitless. A tree or shrub planting project can be a lengthy process that requires immense knowledge of different types of trees and shrubs in addition to scouting the proper planting location based on the plant’s needs such as sun-shade ratio, soil type, the moisture content of your soil. Our shrub and tree planting specialists at Gachuzo Dirt Works will use our expertise to find the best varieties that will flourish within your landscape while increasing curb appeal and maximizing color. 

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Planting trees and shrubs may look easy, but a lot of planning is required to ensure they thrive to live long lives and protect your investment. We can work with you to ensure each tree or shrub choice accounts for shade, soil type, soil acidity, and anticipating future growth with ample distance from your home, structures and other plants. Once you and our team develop a design, we will plant your new trees and shrubs, complete finishing work such as landscape edging, decorative rock or mulch, and leave your yard with a breathtaking new look.

If you already have existing trees and shrubs, we can work around them or remove them and start fresh in the surrounding soil. We will also be happy to answer any questions you may have about the proper care of your newly planted trees and shrubs, including how to maintain, trim and prune them. We can also handle all your maintenance needs and take the time and hassle out of your hands entirely.

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