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Spring Clean Up & Lawn Dethatching

Give your lawn a jump start before the growing season begins with a professional spring clean up and lawn dethatching by Gachuzo Dirt Works. Based in Fayetteville, serving residential and commercial clients throughout many surrounding areas of northwest Arkansas.

Spring Yard Clean Ups

A typical Arkansas winter generally brings multiple months of cold and even a little bit of snow, once that snow melts, most lawns look pretty bleak and are in need of help. The work done to your yard in the spring sets the tone for the overall health your turf throughout the growing season. The grass needs to cleaned and stimulated to begin a healthy growing process. Debris such as leaves and sticks that have accumulated over the winter months must be removed to allow the turf and landscape areas to get access to sunlight, air and water. Our highly-trained lawn maintenance crews always look forward to the warm early spring days spent sprucing up clients’ lawns to prepare them for the warm months ahead.

A Typical Spring Lawn Clean Up Includes

Our lawn clean up routes fill up quickly in the spring! Contact us today to get an estimate for your property!

Lawn Dethatching in Fayetteville, AR & Surrounding Areas

When a layer of thatch (dead grass and other debris) builds up, especially after a long winter with a deep snowpack, this can impede turf growth each spring. This layer of thatch can also restrict the flow of oxygen, fertilizer and nutrients. So it is imperative to remove this thatch through the process of dethatching, also referred to as power raking, to open up your grass in the spring.

Our procedure for lawn dethatching involves equipping our commercial-grade mowers with a tine rake on the front of the machine. We begin by driving our machines throughout all accessible areas of your lawn with the tines engaged, this scrapes up the soil surface and pulls all dead debris to the top of the grass. Our crew then turns on the blades and attached bagging system to vacuum up all grass and debris. Your turf may look unsightly for a few days afterwards, but with sunlight and adequate water, your grass will come back looking better than before!

To schedule a spring clean up or lawn dethatching at your property in Fayetteville or surrounding community of northwest Arkansas, give us a call today at (479) 345-0013 or fill out our quote request form.

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