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Top 4 Yard Drainage Solutions in Northwest Arkansas

Dealing with poor yard drainage can be a headache for homeowners and business property managers in Northwest Arkansas. Excess water can lead to soggy yards, erosion, and even damage to the foundation of your home. Fortunately, there are several effective solutions available to address this issue. In this blog post, we will discuss the top 4 yard drainage solutions that are popular in Northwest Arkansas.

1. French Drains

French drains are a very popular and effective method to divert excess water and preventing it from pooling in your yard. This system consists of a trench dug to attract the water in the troublesome location and direct it to a spot that is suitable to handle the water. The trench is lined with perforated or non-perforated drain pipe and rock surrounding, followed by soil and grass, or landscaping on top.

2. Dry Creek Beds

Growing quickly in popularity are dry creek beds. They are another effective solution for managing lawn drainage issues. Dry creek beds are ideal for the homeowner that desires a more natural charm throughout their property because it brings forth a similar aesthetic as a boulder wall while providing the function of a drainage system. Dry creek beds involve digging a trench, lined with fabric or poly and rock is installed, typically varying sizes of river rock for most projects and water is either directed to a designated area or allowed to pond up and eventually evaporate depending on anticipated water volumes.

3. Downspout Extensions

One common cause of poor yard drainage is improperly placed downspouts that deposit water too close to the foundation of your home. Installing downspout extensions can help redirect water away from your house and towards a more suitable location, such as a dry well or storm drain.

4. Re-Grading

One of the more holistic yard drainage corrections is to elevate low-lying areas by hauling in soil and re-grading. Elevating a low area involves excavating the current landscape with heavy machinery, replacing it with fill dirt and/or topsoil, grading it to the desired slope, and finally installing new plants, ground covering and sod.

Protecting Your Property

If you’re experiencing issues with water pooling up at your property, get in touch with the yard drainage experts at Gachuzo Dirt Works today to get a quote.

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